He said he'd text and never did, he's also my boss?

So my boss is also my crush... we flirt constantly... i told him i was going outta town Saturday and he kept telling me he wished he could come with me on my day off and that he'd miss me and stuff.. i usually never work saturdays but that Saturday he knew I was going out of town and put me "on call". Which was extremely weird as he knew i wanted to go with my friends. I was asking him Friday night if he'd need me to work Saturday and one minute he'd say yes then he'd come back and say no then finally at the end of the night he was still being wishy washy and said hed text me after work to let me know for sure and he never did. I felt like He wanted me wait around and not go. i was also not called in. So now I'm wondering why he didn't have the courtesy to tell me i didn't have to come in like he said he would. I went ahead and left town anyway. Why did he do this? Should i bring it up?


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