When a guy jokes all the time on a date?

Went out with this guy. And he was making a lot of jokes. Some about himself would say something and then he would be like oh I'm just kidding! What does that mean?
(he would also make jokes about me too... nothing bad though)

Does he like me? Or is it a sign he doesn't?
Anyone else what does this mean?


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  • He was just nervous

    • You think that was all?

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  • 1. He is tryna impress you

    2. Trying not to seem too nervous.

    3. He is nervous.. lol

    • I was thinking he could've been nervous too. It was our first date... so I hope it wasn't too awkward... he said he would love to take me out again. So we will see. :)

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    • thanks for MHO :)

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  • He probably was just trying to be fun and show you that he can have a great time with you. But is probably inexperienced to where, he took it overboard on all the joking around and wasn't serious at times too in getting to know you.

    • It was our first date too. So I don't know.

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