Guys, What makes you call a girl innocent?

So my boyfriend always calls me innocent even though he knows I can be playful & crazy at times. He always refrains from swearing/cussing around me because he doesn't wanna seem vulgar & taint my innocence (he says). Whenever I hear about the things he does when I'm not around, I realize how much much he tries to protect me & censor his true rebellious side when we're together. Of course I really value his protective side, but I have two main concerns. 1) He doesn't feel like he can be himself around me (which makes me very sad). I fell for him because he is an amazing person & seemed very authentic right from the start. He also has this easy confidence that makes anyone comfortable in his presence. I love everything about him & don't want him to hide aspects of his personality that may not be the most flattering. 2) I don't want him to think that I'm breakable. Just the other day I went drinking with my friends & he kept calling asking if I was okay (making sure that I wasn't getting too drunk since I'm pretty small). I love how safe he makes me feel but I know he has a troubled past (he used to have drug abuse problems) & that he may be hiding his rebellious side so I don't get exposed to his darker past. I accept him through & through but I'm starting to think he sees me as too innocent. How do I let him know that I can handle his dark past & that he's good enough just the way he is? I feel like he always has to prove his goodness to me even though I know how big of a heart he has. How do I show him that I'm not all that innocent and easily broken? I obviously love him very much & I want him to realize he's perfect to me because he overcame so many obstacles & is leading a clean & sober life. I have so much faith in him but I want him to have faith in himself too <3


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  • Hmm I think this problem is his and only his. I mean you got nothing to do with it he is the only one that can change that and with some success in his life he will get through it. As for you just be their for him and try to support him