Non-emotion in text messages?

He was all lovey & cute. Told me he loved me, sent x's etc & then over the last day or so he has just texted short messages & random emojis no x's.
He has been ringing me a bit & I'm seeing him today. I know he hates texting but I liked the love


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  • Well, there's a couple caveats when it comes to males and texting:

    -not many dudes enjoy it like women do. I mean, I'm a writer, and even I prefer phone calls or face-to-face. Texting is okay if it's quick and to the point, but you're not gonna find many dudes into conversational texting.

    -because we're not typically as into it as women, we don't tend to pick up on (or write with) as much nuance.

    Anyway, it's only been a day. Nothing to worry about here. I mean, he's been calling *and* you're seeing him today. That's pretty great on it's own, isn't it?

    • Thank you, this was really helpful. He's moving away soon & I think I'm reading into lots of things because I'm all worried.

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  • I find it very rare to find a guy who just absolutely loves to texts. So, since you know he doesn't like to text, I wouldn't get so worked up about it. I'm sure you could send him some sporadic messages and just leave it open ended. Such as: "Hey hey! Hope you have a great day! :]" Don't expect him to respond, but as long as you're not annoying him, I don't see a problem. He might surprise you and text you back. Plus, he probably doesn't even know you like texting so much.

    And just throwing this out there, don't be alarmed if his messages are short or if he says 'k.' I had to explain to a guy before that I do stuff like that when I'm annoyed, aggravated, mad, or some emotion of the sort. He was thrown back because he had no idea of my texting style.

    • Thank you. He's moving away soon & I think I'm just scared about the communication side for when he moves :(