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After going on a first date with a guy, do you text him in a few days to see how things going? do you try to keep in contact until the next date? is it weird if there's a 1-2 days period of no communication?


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  • 1-2 days, not weird. Give him 3 days at the most, and then send a simple text if you're really motivated.

    • But then again, every guy is different. Even if he takes a week to get back to you, it doesn't mean he wasn't into you. Not every guy follows convention. Just be patient and see what happens.

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  • It isn't weird for their to be a gap in communication. I do suggest you wait for him to contact you. You will get a better sense of his interest and his pace of communication if you wait. Some girls on this site will discuss how they are confused and do not know what a guy feels about them or how interested he is, especially if the girl asked the guy out and seems to be the only one initiating calls and texts.

    By waiting for him to contact you, you will get a sense of that. A guy who takes a week to get back in touch, not so good. A guy who contacts you soon after the date, that is great. Girls can give guys too little credit for being able to call us and ask us out. I expect any guy I date to be at least as confident and capable as I am. Plus girls are so much quicker to want things to move along, and this can turn off a lot of guys. Just give him the courtesy of a prompt reply to any text or call, but other than that, let him drive the beginning flow of communication.