I feel it shouldn't be this hard to see each other?

I'm dating a great guy that I'm crazy about. We've been together a couple months. He says all the right things... he loves me, never wants to hurt me, how important I am, etc. He invites me to family functions so I have already been totally welcomed into the family in that respect, and he has asked me to be exclusive with him. He has asked me to go on vacation with him, although it isn't planned yet. But when it comes to making plans to see each other, I feel like I'm pulling teeth, especially if it involves him coming to my place instead of vice versa. We live 50-55 minutes apart so it's hard to see each other frequently and we usually reserve it for the weekends because of work, etc. He was going to meet my family for the first time this weekend and then had to do work for his dad last minute (which I do believe ). But he could have come out after and didn't.
I will say that I completely trust him, which is hard for me to say and do, so that says a lot. I don't think he would cheat on me and I don't think he's using me, esp if he's involved his family.
Now I'm trying to make plans again and he won't commit to anything. This next week is really busy with work, etc. according to him. I don't want to act all psycho on him and jeopardize things but I'm really getting frustrated and am not feeling important or like he even wants to see me. Wouldn't it make sense to see your girlfriend on the weekends, especially if you've agreed to be exclusive and don't have time to see her otherwise?

Also, with my schedule and kids, I can't just do things at a moment's notice. I have to plan ahead esp to make sure someone can watch them. This is the other reason I try to make plans in advance and get frustrated when he won't actually commit or cancels ag the last minute.
Is it fair to bring all of this up, and how should I go about it that I don't sound crazy or push him away?
I can't keep feeling blown off and keep it all bottled up, but I don't want to upset him either by seeming too clingy. (But once or twice shouldn't be too clingy?)


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  • For the past 9 months me and my boyfriend have only seen each other on average twice a week. It's caused all sorts of problems as far as arguing goes, miscommunication, etc. I don't feel twice a week is enough to build a relationship on, especially if you've only been dating a couple months. Think of it this way.. you're really only seeing him 8 days out of a month, and that's if no plans are canceled. 12 days if you're counting Fridays. If he's giving you a hard time, maybe you should chill on making plans. If he wants to see you he'll take the initiative, he'll be eager to make up for canceled plans. When talking about the upcoming weekend, start saying "I", as if you're assuming he's not coming to see you. But make your plans sound vague, cuz if he thinks you're genuinely busy and don't have time for him he might not try to ask. Always leave it open, but if he's still not initiating i think you know where you stand.