Am I in the wrong for never wanting to have anything to with her? PLEASE READ?

My sister (older sister) of 29 is pretty much dead in my eyes. She literally terrorized us our whole childhood, instead of being an example to us, she used us for everything she NEVER wanted to do. She bullied us especially me, by picking fights and being oversensitive, disrespectful and putting me down (looks to personality). She used gossip about me with my younger sister (my younger sister is thank god not stupid and dumped her.

Terrorized my brother, never wanted to share things and if we touched her stuff she would get upset like really upset from screaming to spitting on our mom, to throwing a glass of water in my face to stomping with her bare feet on my cousins food just because she didn't like her (she probably did eat it without knowing my older sister stomped on it). She even tried to control my social life and brainwashed me into thinking ''our town was nothing great and life shouldn't be meant to be lived or enjoyed here'. She literally controlled us and now i am suffering the consequences from it with barely a social life left over because of her. My mom never stood up for us by kicking her out of the house (she did fought with her a lot but never kicked her out because she didn't wanted to hurt her child).

This girl is pure evil and uses the bible as a bait. She is 29 and still lives at home with me and my mother with no job friends or life for about 9 years now. She is forever dead to me and i will never want to have her in my life and i seriously wouldn't care if she commited suicide etc. I really dont care, what she has done for selfish reasons is way worse, my young sis left the house at 18 and im struggeling to find a job while searching, while living with her. I ignore her now and haven't talked to her in 3 years but if she ever comes near me i will do whatever i can to protect myself, why is like this? what kind of disease does she have? i literally feel zero empathy for her because she ruined our childhood and my brother got kicked out because of her many times, struggeling with money and life. Now i am struggeling trying to make something out of my self while she is still trying to be in a competition with us because she doesn't want to ''lose'' (everything is a comepetition for her even is she has push her family out of the way). She said our mother hurt her BUT our mother hurt all of us but it wasn't THAT bad, we all turned ok me my bro and sis except she so it must be her.


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  • I have a similar experience except with my aunt.
    This women does everything imaginable to destroy your things, get you in trouble, annoy you, etc.
    I think that some people are just born Evil.
    I am sorry for you situation.


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