Is she interested or not?

So I have ben talking with this girl for about two weeks. We have one class together and have the same circle of friends. She keeps saying that we are going to fight on the playground. I didn't show up and said I forfited and she won twice. Last week when our friend had a party she was there. She went home with this guy that she has a thing going on with him. But at the sametime she was flirting with me while hang on his side. We were doing jello shots and she fed hers to me a few times while she was right next to him. I wasn't about to let a jello shot go to waste but i thought it was strange. On Thursday night we were texting and she asked me if we could teach a sheep to walk on a leash. We are part of livestock and have sheep. But I said sure we can do that, I'll supervise. She then said no no you have to help!! To me this seems like firting and she is interested in me. the only way to see is asking her out to do something. We did say we have to get a leash for the sheep so maybe I'll ask her this week to get a leash with me. What are your thought?


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  • she might be interested, it looks like she seeing if you like her and how far you will do things for her (fights, sheep thing, etc.)