I'm stuck between two girls, how to know which one to choose?

I have group of friends made of mostly girls and we are all in high school. Recently my friends started to ship me and my closest friend out of the group. I started to like Girl 1 and we are in many clubs and Band together. But sometimes when we are all with our group of friends I get embarrassed by the whole group because of Girl 1. She makes them very loud and isn't afraid to yell inappropriate things in places where it shouldn't be yelled. She is also Catholic and I am Non-Denominational so I see that being a problem in the future because we are both strong in our faith. I'v always known Girl 2, but we started to talk more a week ago. We are the same religion, we both don't party, we agree on a lot of things, and I don't get embarrassed by her in public. Gril 2 and I can connect more on a personal level because we both have gone through similar problems in life. I'm worried that if I date Girl 1some freak accident will occur and it will divide the group in half OR I will regret dating her in the long run. If I date Girl 2 I will have the same moral and religious beliefs as her and she could keep me on track with God. I'm scared that I will regret either decision.


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  • “if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.”
    ― Johnny Depp


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