I am afraid of what had happened to me yesterday?

Yesterday was holiday and I was sleeping with my boyfried who is my college mate. We are in love for the last 3 years. Today morning when I woke up I was quite surprised to see my pants stitching gone right below the zipper region and the right front pocket was pulled out.

I asked him and he is telling he dont know. But I am terrifying that something happened to me. He woke up earlier today and is telling my pants was tight that it happened. But I can't believe that as this pants I am wearing for the last 6 months at room and pockets how it came out? Please reply


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  • I'm not sure what exactly you think happened? Were you wearing them while this happened?

    • Yeah I was in that pants while sleeping. Its zipper was not opened.

    • He is you boyfriend though, have you been intimate with each other yet or are you saving yourself for marriage? It seems like you think he molested you while sleeping

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  • Then maybe you should go to a doctor. They can tell if you've been assaulted or something.

    • Should I go? What to tell doctor?

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    • Ohhh it is nasty I think. I understd your suggestn. But that pants is so rubbish that I am wearing it for the last 4-5 days. I know they will turn it inside-out. Actually it is brown pants but the pockets are white which is so rubbish due to my regular usage. Is it good for me to get that pants to dctr?

    • No, go yourself. They can check on your body.

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  • Maybe he got a bit naughty naughty ;)


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  • This grammar is just terrible...

    So, so, terrible. Do you speak English as your first language?

    • Sorry, I am from India