Why do all my coworkers want me to date?

I find it intriguing. I find funny as well. Everyone I work keeps trying to talk me into dating. Im confused on why this is. I don't even bring it up. They will say we need to find you a girl. You deserve someone great. Truth is I hate feeling vulnerable but I play it like I'm good being single. They are really persistent though.


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  • Let me guess your co workers are coupled up?
    People like to butt into peoples lives and when you're going out and having fun and being reckless or drinking to much to couples it doesn't make sense. When I was in a relationship I never did you need a relationship but I saw all my single friends going out and partying and doing what not and it made no sense how that could be fun anymore.

    But since being single and very happily single I've been going out more and doing the things that didn't necessarily make sense to me when I was in a relationship. Everyone I used to work with used to try and set me up and want me to be happy and deserve a relationship.

    As rocky as relationships can be when you're in the right one it's happy and it's hard to think people that don't have that can be

  • Don't listen to them you do you at your own time!


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