In my mind he's my first "proper" boyfriend. So... What happens first?

I just got into a relationship on the 29th then we both were in different towns 30th and the 31st. We'll see eachother today.

My dilemma is we've never really had a proper conversation like the kind where you get to know eachother and become friends It was more of a little flirting thing going on but I seriously like him and I can tell he wants this to work

What do we even talk about?
He's already expressed that he's worried about awkward silences which I totally get that

I do feel stupid for not being friends first but I hate to waste time and it wasn't a straight forward situation

We can always take it at our own pace

biggist thing is I really want to kiss him and he's told me he likes my lips and he's told me he wish he had known I like him sooner because we could've kissed and hugged when we were both in a rough patch in life so I know he wants to kiss me too

I've not had anything remotely close to a relationship since I was 14 and I'm 18 next week. Even then I was actually only used by a guy for less than a week.

in nervous but with him it's not ridiculously nervousness like I always have been with guys I just want something to happen.

I don't think either of us know where to go from here. We haven't been around eachother since he asked me out so maybe after the weekend he'll kick start the relationship but he might not I because since I told him I like him he's been kinda shy and he's not a shy person at all

I think the most likely thing is that I'll just go near him look into his eyes then stare at his lips for a short while so he gets the message. If he doesn't kiss me then I'll kiss him.

itll be my first proper kiss and I've done the typical teenage research on t for 4 years I finally feel ready but I'm really stuck on how best or ways to initiate intimacy or conversation


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  • Simple: take him to a private place, ask him to close his eyes, and give him a kiss. If you want to talk at the most intimate level, it helps if you're in an intimate physical position, like snuggling together.

    It's hard to, say, talk about your deepest feelings over a dining table in a restaurant.

    So I say go for the physical move. You don't have to wait for him to do it, risk going home disappointed and empty-handed. You can make it happen.

    • If you actually follow through with this strategy (which I think is an awesome idea, and very romantic), and the fear and anxiety gets the better of you... take it one step at a time.

      1) Get him to private place.
      2) Ask him to close your eyes.

      At this point, with him there with his eyes shut, it'll be easy.

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    • I like that... That you 😝

    • *thank you

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  • Well, you don't need to iniciate everything :) And don't feel pressured by what he said about silences being awkward, because silences are normal between two people. Feel free to ask him about whatever you want to know about him, and you can also talk about your own interests. I guess the kiss will come spontaneously, and if towards the date it doesn't, and you really want to kiss him, you can iniciate the kiss yourself.
    My advice: relax and have fun. Don't think about what you think he expects from you. Just be yourself and enjoy the date!

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