Why is my friend hating on my relationship?

I started dating this guy months ago and one day in class I told my best friend how my boyfriend was leaving and how we were going to try a long distance relationship but she says "you two will never last, love doesn't exist so you shouldn't get caught up in it" then at lunch she says " are you sure you two are even dating, you don't hold hands, kiss or cuddle" my first thought was we are at lunch who would want to eat after seeing all of that but I didn't say it out loud... Then after lunch I was saying how great lunch was with my boyfriend ( to test her reaction of me being happy with him) she murmurs " you two should just break up already you two have no chance of a future".. I have a theory on why she is acting like this but I haven't been able to actually get proof... I think my friend had a crush on my boyfriend and is sick and tired of seeing us together... She has had another crush on a guy but another one of her friends started dating him so I feel like she is just giving up and doesn't want to see anyone happy... But then I tell my other friends what's going on and how she has been acting and one of my friends says " last week I went to her house and she was depressed because she didn't have a boyfriend" then she says " but then I went over again a few days ago and she was ranting on how no one should have a boyfriend until they are 16" I finally asked if the rumor about her liking my boyfriend was true and no one knew bc my friend likes to keep stuff like that secret... But people do tell me that they were super close friends and acted like they dated... it wouldn't change anything if she did like him honestly... What do you think about my problem

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My best friend keeps trying to tear apart my relatiinship


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