Is my boyfriend having an emotional affair? Or what's the real reason him actin like a jerk? Ignoring me for her the last week 😢 help me?

I been with him my boyfriend for 5 years, I love him to bits and he tells me the same. The last year week he started working and met a female friend in his job. They started texting everyday I didn't even no for months later when I happened to see a text from her. So he didn't even tell me. I asked him who was she and stuff like that ( not angry or shouting ) he said her name and that's it. Every time I mentioned her he just got so do overly angry and defensive about her. Still to this day they text every day on WhatsApp and meet up. He meets her in town and they go for food or coffee and now they started going to the gym together. Last week he texted me 'going gym alone talk to u soon' I said no problem have fun. So I went on a stroll with my friend Katie we were walking around were we live.. the gym is like 10 mins away we happened to look over the road there was my boyfriend and his female friend. Power walking down the road towords his house. I was so upset it just made me feel so crap about myself
He couldn't even say who he was going with. Wen I ask can I meet her and go out with them he starts a fight and shouts at me saying ' no your not meeting her your just a fu**ing child jealous child she dosnt even ask about you.. what your gonna come and she's gonna be left lime a third wheel get real like I'd do that' he gets so defensive it's crazy. He has been ignoring me since I seem him at the gym with her. He then text me saying only out of the gym. I just said yeah I seen you and... walking down to yours he started getting angry because I said wen did she start going gym with u? He told me to fu** of and 'get a grip on life' he said he can go and do whatever he likes with her or anyone it's been a week and that's the last thing he said.. what kills me is he's online on WhatsApp and it's only because of her that's were they talk to each other and he hadn't bothered to text me but I'm always running after him even wen it's not my fault. What should I do? please help me.. what is going on?


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  • He lied to you about going alone when he went with her. He didn't even tell you about her to begin with. He refuses to let you meet. They talk every day.

    He probably tells her he's single too.

    "I'm always running after him even when it's not my fault"
    Erm... Very one sided relationship when you combine all of this. He's not nearly as into you as you are him. Stop chasing, move on. Don't even know how you stayed like that for 5 months let alone 5 years. Find somebody else. There will be men who don't lie to you and don't keep secret girls on their line and are into you.


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  • Have you guy had an on and off again relationships? Lots of break ups and make ups?

    • Well he always stops talking to me when we fight. He goes about a week not seeing or speaking to me 😢

    • Dont take what i say as the end all be all (i know nothing boit you two), but you need to find someone else.

      He may not be cheating, but to me, he seem to be setting up groundwork for some backup tail for when you two split

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