Are dating sites a last resort or a false promise for something thrilling and mysterious?

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Coming back to the question! Do you all feel that dating sites are a last resort, a false promise and finally the biggest waste of your time? Well I'm 24 and single, just started working and I don't wanna get into office romance (well you know) I don't shit where I eat, so I kinda have a few options. 1) Cause I've been really busy I haven't really socialised with many people. We I'm not bad looking, I'm hygenic, but I'm a pro with girls. So, do I turn to dating sites and apps. I've heard most of them are kinda fake and I don't wanna get screwed over. Can you all help me? Please. Success stories and feedbacks are welcome

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I always thought they were a desperate move... or a move for those who are so anxious about real live people in the real world...
    Maybe that's true...
    But who knows... maybe dating sites really do help others with finding someone. But they also help others with cheating, using, attacking, ... And it's way easier to do these things online than in real life first.


Most Helpful Guy

  • For some people it's a first choice.

    Depending on your situation it might be a last resort tho.

    Tinder is a very easy way to meet girls. You can setup multiple dates quickly. But if you have free time to go out and meet girls at bars or bookstores during the day, apps might be good to just have as a backup. But I don't see why you wouldn't use it and go out.

    • The asker stays in India. Here, even swiping 'yes' on ALL girls for a month on Tinder will usually yield ZERO matches! :P

    • @aficionado Yea bro I stay in India and it's kinda hard to get girls here! Hell, even families kinda rain shit if they find out you have crush on their daughter! So, don't know what to do and I'm outta ideas... so any ideas?

    • Shiiit. Lol.

      I don't know how things work in India. Eh

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What Girls Said 1

  • Some people say desperate... but what if you move to a new town, and work from home? You aren't into clubs and bars, but would still like a way to meet people? I don't think they are desperate, just using another outlet to reach out and find a partner.


What Guys Said 4

  • I can see that you're from India. Dating site sin India are pointless, especially for men. Most female profiles are fake, and men hardly get responses anyway.

    A better options would be to use a matrimonial site as a dating site, because matrimony sites are much more reliable

    • @misplaced_downer

      Answering your query here, because I wouldn't want to spam the other dude's notification feed!

      I'm out of ideas too! Hehe! Thankfully, I'm moving out of India in a month's time, probably permanently. Perhaps I'll have better luck with dating in the other country! Not that I tried much in India, but whatever. Indian girls are averse to dating. They just marry the guy chosen by parents. Then you have to deal with all the caste, religion and suck bullcrap.

  • Met my wife in a dating site. I would call it a supplemental tool

  • A goddamn waste of time as an average guy.

  • When I was younger it skewed much more to the desperate.

    My peers now who are single all seem to use it as -part- though not the entirety of their methods for meeting new potential partners.

    In my city, people i personally know have had much better results with paid sites than free ones. A lot of people on the free ones really just want attention, they're not actually looking to meet people in person any time soon. In some areas I think that's less the case.