Guys, what makes you jealous?

my ex boyfriend was jealous of every guy i know and it was annoying, and now the guy i'm in love with , seems to never get jealous not even a little bit and it's even more annoying.


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  • I thought I was never going to be the jealous type until I dated a girl who just received male attention left and right. She even received an expensive necklace as a gift while we were living together.

    I couldn't go to places with her without guys constantly trying to pick her up, sometimes laying their hands on her hips, things of that sort. I got kind of tired of putting my arm around her and telling them that she's taken.

    I didn't get jealous about her guy friends though. I met them and they're nice people, just all the guys trying to blatantly pick her up.

    That insecurity on my part is what kind of brought our relationship to an end though. Since then, I've just kind of realized you can't keep your lover locked in a cage 24/7. I have to be appealing enough to her and build up trust in her, and her in me, to keep a healthy relationship.

    So I learned it the really hard way, but I never allowed myself to become jealous since in subsequent relationships.

    • oh i'm sorry that you broke up , but (without showing off or anything ) i have a lot of men attention and he seems to find it kind of funny EXP : last day a guy who is in love with me hugged me really tight so the guy i'm with smiled at me and tooke me in his arms too. is it jealousy or am i wrong?

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    • Even though I kind of got over my side of it, I did find it kind of frustrating sometimes with girlfriends who didn't get the slightest bit jealous, since I'm kind of a weird guy in that I have a mixed group of friends gender-wise (a lot of female friends I consider like "sisters", and some very attractive).

      I think I kind of took a bit of jealousy as a sign of affection, or it fed my self-esteem in some way to know a girl is insecure about losing me. My now-wife was one of those who never got jealous, and also never bragged about me to her friends or anything of this sort, and I kind of threw some miniature (but joking) temper tantrums like, "Why don't you ever brag about me to your friends?" things of this sort.

      ... but, in retrospect, a mate of this sort is often the best. They trust you, you can really build a lot of trust in each other.

    • It's like, "I can't brag about myself, I'd look like a jerk. You're supposed to do it for me!" Then she always says jokingly, "Sorry, I didn't know you cared so much about that." Then she still never brags about me. I'm usually trying to nudge her with my elbow a bit like, "Psst, this is a good time to brag about me." :-D

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  • When my girlfriend is flirting with someone else

    Not looking at them, not talking, But really flirting :o