Is there something there? Should I still try?

So I just started seeing this guy. It's only been a week but it's been a bit weird and I don't know what to make of it.
- When we first met we talked for 3 hours then I ended up sleeping with him and slept over.
- it was his birthday in a few days and we made plans for that. On the day he texted me and we re-confirmed were still on for that night. One hour before the date he said his Co-workers asked him to come over. So he bailed on me. We eventually met up because he said he wants to see me. about 1.5 hrs later. And made plans for Saturday
- Saturday came and I asked if we were still on? He tells me he's tired and can't do tonight. He asked if we can hang out another time. I said yes but took it took it like he's ditching me 2x now. After a while I texted him asking him how he's feeling and hinted sex. He hasn't replied.
So should I just stop and consider this closed? Or am I over thinking this all?


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  • I would suggest not reaching out to him for a couple days and see if he reaches back out to you. The ball is in his court since you texted him on Saturday night.

    • I actually waited a day then texted him to see how he's doing. He replied so I feel a lot better. But I'm still unsure about what he wants

    • My suggestion would be to just take it slow and see how it progresses.

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