Guys who've dated older girls... thoughts? Experiences?

I've never given it much of a chance but the few experiences i stumbled into have actually been some of the easiest in terms of her possesing all of the annoying things girls my age make you put up with... they only had about ten years on me... i think that's about as far as I'd be willing to go because at some point the age starts to really show. Also, tell me a bit about yourelf... are you mature for your age or is it just random that you date girls who are older than you?

Oh, and not talking about cougars just women that are 5+ years older than you.


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  • I've never really dated any girls who were much older than me. even girls who would of been like 5 years older to be honest. personally I've been more interested in dating younger. but could see the benefits in dating someone older , such as maturity and experience

    • yeah exactly... why don't more guys try this i wonder...

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