Do you think unattractive (ugly) men have no right (expectation) to ask out unattractive, average, or good looking women?

Let me explain, say a man is unattractive or average and has a steady job but the norms of society deem him unattractive placing that and average in the same category as ugly for men and women can get away with being all three and laugh at him and call him a loser while he gets name called and perhaps f'ed with from good looking alpha males. It seems as the longer society goes like this the more the Jordan belfort approach is more acceptable for unattractive and average men to even be able to date a woman. Or in other cases if the guy is unattractive or average he has to wait till the woman goes through the phases of high school, hot guy, mistake, single mother, another hot guy, mistake, 24 year old single mother of two, and so on till lessons learned, 40 year old single mother with two or three kids. Should unattractive men wait for single mothers since that's all they can get or just go celibate their entire lives (for some people that needs sex really bad to the point they really need to experience it with no strings attached there's always hookers).

(In before "it's your attitude, you sound bitter, no woman wants a whiny little bitch who's mad he's ugly and can't get a girlfriend or he got friendzoned for being ugly", "you need confidence, it's not about what you look like" and "change your wardrobe, go to the gym and get big, get some status, and make yourself look attractive" (even though you can't change your looks)

  • Unattractive men should just date women who are single mothers or are who are considered bottom of the barrel since they're ugly
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  • They should continue being the best they can, use their confidence from the success they made, and let it come to them naturally (which is never)
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