How to introduce my boyfriend to my parents?

I am 16 and I am hispanic (parents are from Venezuela), I currently have a boyfriend who is 17 and he's turning 18 in a few months. They know nothing about him, and I really want them to meet him. Except, they're not the type to give permission to date so easily. My oldest sister started dating when she was 19 or so she says. I really want to just get their permission so I won't be hiding him anymore. How do I get that to happen? My mom is a tough cracker, and my dad not so much or so I think. How do I do this? My mom always says "people who let their kids date at a young age just want their kids to be out the house already" and then my hopes come down to the fact that she might never let me date lol.
When I was 13, I had a kick back and it came down that only boys came and my girl bestfriend and my dad was okay with it, he just sat in the living room and watched TV and didn't check up on us at all. My mom on the otherhand, was always checking up on us and making sure she weren't acting suspicious lol. Recently, people make jokes about me dating their son and my mom just goes with it and doesn't complain, she's really laid back at points. But this is the real deal and isn't a joke.. how the hell do I do this?


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  • That is going to be tough because you know how your parents are. Your dad might approve but your mom might not
    I would only introduce unless you was bringing him to a ring dance, prom homecoming, or, some type of school dance. Your mom might take time to win over.

  • I'm really surprised that your mom is the one that is overprotective about that kinda thing. It's usually the dads that don't want their daughters dating and all that stuff. But if you're worried about it, I'd probably ask your dad what to do. Or if you think he'll just go tell your mom, then just sit them both down and have a conversation about it. There's no guarantee that they will be okay with it, especially since he's a little older. But if you really need to tell them, then tell them. Explain your case well and you might be okay. Good luck with it tho! Hope it works out well for you

    • I know, it's really weird. I guess because I'm his youngest daughter and he already has had experience from my sisters. But my mom has always been difficult. Thanks a lot, I guess I have to sit them down and talk because I don't want to mess things up because I was afraid to tell my parents. Age has never been an issue, they have a age gap themselves. But I'm always fearful lol.

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    • She doesn't trust boys, she's told me before. I need to think about facts on why they should let me lol. Thanks! (:

    • No problem, and good luck! I hope they are okay with it, because at least you want to be honest and tell them and not hide it. :)

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