Guys, guys, if you have one night stand, then you dont like girl?

Like, what kind of girl you want one night stand and what girl you want to have relationship?
I mean, if u want one night stand, you just curiious, but she is not attractive enough or its bcoz u just not compotable and u dont like her personality and u both, just dont click? Or both... she is not that attractive, plus u dont like personality?


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  • one night stand is different for every guy because we all have different personalities which means one will do it because he is addicted to sex, girl is attractive, using her as a rebound. it can mean so many different things


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  • If I had a one night stand it would just be because of sex. I think looks plays a small part in it because even if she is hot then in not going to see her again if it's for one night. Even if she wasn't hot then it would not matter to me.

    • So u ll sleep with not hot?

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    • She is cute. Was just wonder what guys reasons on one night stand

    • That is good that she is cute. Some guys like the rush of having sex with a girl and not seeing her again. It can be a habit or sometimes it just happens. If I was to have a one night stand and I know I might not see the girl again then im going to try and make sure that the sex is good at least.