How do I show her how I feel?

I've been talking to this girl for a while and we've gone on 2 dates. We go to different high schools in the area. I really like her and we have a lot in common. How can I show her I like her and would like to have a relationship with her?


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  • Instead of trying to express her you feel (this can often end up being like a one-sided monologue, and can be a bit risky), try to kind of show it, and elevate how she feels about you.

    For example, on the third date, try to hold her hand (not forcefully, just reach for it the next time you two feel kind of connected and together, like laughing together or just talking about something kind of intimate).

    Snuggle up, hug, kiss if you find the right kind of moment.

    One of the things I think most people mistake is this idea that expressing how you like/love someone is magically going to make them fall in love with you, e. g. It unfortunately doesn't work that way -- usually the only time that doesn't have a negative effect is if the other already felt exactly the same way. So it's kind of a risk to express your feelings directly, often better to just kind of elevate the intimacy of your relationship as you go out with her.


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  • Take her out on more dates, text her daily and start showing physical affection towards her like holding hands and kissing.

    • I do try to text her, but often she doesn't respond. When she does respond she seems really interested, but when she doesn't she can go a long time without texting me. I'm getting mixed signals because she shows interest in me in person and when I ask her out, but then neglects to text me (which I consider important since we go to different schools and can't see each other as often)

  • perhaps a third date? do something you know she'd appreciate. what are her hobbies? interests? what sports/bands does she like? play on those, make her have a really good time, then tell her how you feel towards the end

    • I know what her favorite band is, and we both have an interest in art. I know a few of her hobbies and stuff but I'm not sure how to incorporate it into a date. Also, I try to text her but she often doesn't text back, despite seeming interested in person. Mixed signals...

    • if she's more enthusiastic in person, ask her out in person. art gallery? concert tickets?

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