Guys, Is hw interested or not?

I met a guy a year ago, we used to hook up every now and then, we went for dinner he used to sleep at my place and even tho we both went out with other people we enjoyed what he had, sex was great we both liked it, 2 weeks ago he came back from an Erasmus program he was 6 months away and we went out last time have some drinks and talk he told me about his Erasmus experience I told him about my things here and then we went back to my place my the strange thing was that we just slept, I mean before everytime he came over he always had lots of Sex and this time nothing happened he just told me he was glad we went out and if I wanted to go out again and stuff. I don't know if maybe he doesn't like me that way anymore or maybe he was a bit uncomfortable that my flat mate was home but I just don't understand if we used t have sex all the time why this time nothing happened?


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  • He is

    • then why he didn't do anything last night?

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    • just seems weird that after 6 month we didn't see each other he was so distant that he didn't even try to kiss me or touch me after all the things we've done in the past

    • thanks :)