Should I still have hope in finding a girl if I keep getting rejected?

I just got rejected for the 100th time and i'm honestly annoyed. I try my best to "be myself" around girls i like and i still get rejected even if they are average looking. I think i'm going to give up because this is obviously not for me.


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  • A typical girl advice and something I honestly believe in. .. maybe try and not look for someone so badly. Let things flow. Be yourself and don't care what the girl thinks. Little do guys know that girls can sense if they try too hard or are obviously insecure. Girls pick up on that and flee right away.
    I would never say give up. Just try something different. Besides there will always be rejections before your final acceptance

    • I dont even try that much, but when i put a little effort into it they seem to reject me. I dont really know what it is, but its extremely discouraging. I don't even go for the super hot girls because i'm not even good looking so i go for average and i still get rejected.

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    • I just act normal. I dont do anything else in order to try to get them. I honestly dont know what to do because the girls i approach like the same things i do.

    • All I can say is that you should try something different or do something different. I'm not saying don't be yourself but maybe have a different strategy. Like I said, you can't expect a different result if you keep doing the same thing.

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  • So you had asked 100 girls out on a date and not a single one even bother to at least give you a single fucking chance huh? Not even for a single fucking date? Damn, that's rough. Do you ask them out at specific places? Like Bars or Nightclubs/Danceclubs? Try different locations, and get yourself a wingman or something if you don't already have one.

    Well you should be proud of yourself if you had approached 100 different ladies, as some single guys never even got that far.

    Because some single guys get so much approach anxiety that they talk themselves out of it, either that or they already have shit tons of other kinds of baggage going on inside them that they just simply can't do it even if they want to, things aren't going to work out or end well for them.

  • I've been rejecting more than that mate in my lifetime and you just keep moving on until you find the right girl