Moving together and feeling drastic ups and downs about it?

me and my boyfriend been dating for about 2years! We love each other a lot. We are loyal and respectful to each other. no major complaints in this relationship!, we been talking about moving in together for a few months now.
We try n c each other almost everyday but we live half hour away so 1or2 nights we spend apart witch is ok with me cus I like feeling missed and I like missing him,( which leads to my question)
Sometimes I just get so excited to live with him and can't wait.
other times I get nervous and scared and start thinking negative and worrying about
-how do couples miss each other if they spend every night and some days together. (Those 1or2 nights away is good for us in my opinion cus at times we are around one another for 3,4 days at a time we run out of things to talk about.
Mot makes me feel self conscious that we aren't a fun good couple cus we are not talking for a few hours. Is that normal?
besides that I'm holy to live with him I'm just waiting my promotion cus I want to go half on most things.
Guys what do u think about moving in after two years?
how do you miss one another when your living with ur partner?
&do u guys sometimes run out of things to talk about?


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  • "Guys what do u think about moving in after two years?"

    Seems like a good time. That's when I first moved in with my now-wife.

    "2. how do you miss one another when your living with ur partner?"

    We don't normally, and sometimes our relationship goes really dull and kind of flat-lines to a point where we take each other for granted.

    The saving grace for me is that I take business trips overseas every few months. When I get back home, I missed her so much and she missed me so much that it kind of puts that spark back regularly into our relationship.

    "3. &do u guys sometimes run out of things to talk about?"

    Yes, I've heard her say the same things a hundred times and she's probably heard me say the same things a hundred times, but it never gets too old.

    Mostly just kind of walking up to her and giving her a hug doesn't get old.

    The main thing to kind of watch our for is boredom and taking each other for granted, and above all else, you have to make sure you communicate constantly. Every friend of mine who ended up having his/her relationship go sour did so as a result of the communication being cut off, of growing distant and apart that way.

    • One thing that helps to keep from running out of things to talk about is to experience new things together, to never get too settled down -- take some vacations here together, hang out with some mutual friends, etc. It'll give you fresh things to talk about instead of falling into the same old routine.

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  • Its normal your just nervous. Its a big step. Like marriage. Like when you tell someone you like them. Its a big step!