Why does my boyfriend stalk his exes on facebook? How frequently do people look up exes and why?

A huge problem in my relationship is how much my boyfriend talks about women he's been with. Not just driving by a restaurant and he mentions he went there with so and so but explicit sexual details. Well you know what so and so liked? I mean don't you like it to? Constantly brings up exes and references them including women I caught him sexting with while we had just started dating. So then I see on his search history he still looks these women up on facebook. If they have him blocked, he uses another account as a female to look at their profiles. A woman he was with for 6 months over 6 years ago he still looks up about once a week. Another woman he was looking up a few times a week. All of their stuff is set to private so he sees the same thing everytime and it has been that way for years. He flipped out on me because finally I blocked them. He also stalks women that are supposedly just friends and will look them up multiple times in a day even though they are not friends on facebook. What is the point of looking up someone's profile when nothing has changed. He called me psycho for questioning him about it. It seems extremely obsessive to me and makes me have concerns about whether or not to trust him. Why is he looking up a woman (who is hideous by the way) that he cheated on me with? To look at her pictures and reminesce? He says it's because he's nosey but they're not posting anything new that he can see so that doesn't make sense. I don't go looking up exes. If I see they made a comment or they're profile pops up I'll look but I don't look through every picture then do it every week. I see it then move on cuz I really don't care. So I guess I want to know is how often do people look up their exes on facebook? Especially someone from over 3 years ago that you were only in a relationship with for 6 months.


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  • This is one of the perils of social media and dating in today's society. I've been guilty of it but personally for me it's more about curiosity and accessibility, it's right there so why not? I have a girlfriend and I'm very much in love with her, if I've looked at an exes profile from time to time it was of no malicious nature or harm, over time it dwindles away and your interest diminishes completely, if it doesn't then that's another problem all together. In this case though this is a major red flag, I'd run or at least distance myself or take strong precaution


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