Oh the woes of a fresh meeting?

okay so i met this girl on tinder (i know, a bit cliche), but things were going good, we talked on the phone, and i do mean on the phone, not texting, almost every night for a week. finally it was time for our first date and she told me someone had offered to pay her pretty well to work at a hookah bar that night. so i reluctently told her to go for it and we could reschedule. so that night comes up and a friend of mine suggest we smoke some hookah, automatically i think why not go to the one she's working at. now while i do not suggest showing up at a girls place of work unannounced it somehow broke the ice in a good way. we hung out that night and went to eat afterword. a couple days after that we are continuing to talk almost all day through snapchat or text or what have you. then all of a sudden last night i texted her asking if she still wanted to go out, as she had been sick. nothing. she hasn't texted me back, looked at my snapchats or answered my call. i tend to overthink things, but what ideas do you all have as to why she just disapeared with no word. (girls have done this to me before, but they were usually one night stands or short lived flings) what should i do?

so she texted me back. all she said was she has a lot going on right now and she's sorry. I know what that means but im still wondering why, I mean she was fine up until last night, what could have happened in that short amount of time


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  • How long has it been since she last texted you? Maybe she really is sick still and has not looked at her phone yet. Also maybe give her some space? You talked constantly since you met. I know it's exciting getting to know someone but you also have to realize they have their life too

    • I think last night.

    • If it's just last night then you have got to relax. she's probably sick and can't reply or she's resting.
      I texted my guy when he was sick. He didn't reply so I thought he was dissing me. I let a day pass without texting at all. Then I finally texted him to see how he was. It's all good, replied. He just rested all day.
      If you text her again and she doesn't text you then I'd be worried

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  • I would just wait for her to respond. Of course she may have not responded because she isn't interested or isn't sure what she wants. You only saw her once right? I doubt you know her real well. She may way to slow your twos interaction down. She may even have a boyfriend. I would just wait for her to respond and if she doesn't in a day or two, she probably isn't interested.

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