Would this guy be attracted to this girl and could it actually be sustainable?

Girl: Grew up shy and awkward, bullied ugly duckling. Currently holding a post graduate qualification pursuing an internship. Has grown up and looking better and people constantly suggest to her a career in modeling. Still awkward though cause its hard to get out of that mindset. 5ft6, far brown skinned, around 110lbs and size 30A cup. 23 years old and has only had one boyfriend before.

guy: Tall, very light skinned and curly haired. High income. Educated. Aged around 25-27.

don't guys normally date UP? I'm the girl in this case and I've noticed a guy and I like his style and what I think is on the inside.

I actually have a mixed race friend and unfortunately I can see them together.
*dark brown skinned


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  • Define "up"? I think dating a woman with a post graduate qualification is dating up. I like smart women.

    • Well. Up as in she has to be obviously not dark skinned and a former ugly duckling.

    • You say that like those are things that are not good. Not everyone thinks that way.

    • Okay... I guess time will tell. Thanks

  • Guys normally date down

    • I meant interms of looks. Shouldn't the girl be lighter or perhaps even mixed race herself?

    • doesn't matter

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