A guy who wants to take things slow. How to be patient while this guy wants to take it slow?

I really like this guy, like I really do. We have been talking for a couple months, we see each other at least once per week.

I go and watch him play hockey and spend time with him outside of that as well. I am 27 and he is 29 years old. He's had some bad experiences in love, but so have I. So he says he wants to take things slow and really get to know me.

He says he wants to get married and have kids one day and he wants to make sure he finds the right person.

I guess part of me is afraid he will find somone else that he likes better. I guess I can't help that. But it's hard for me to wait when I am sure of my feeligns.

So what are some tips for being patient while I wait for him to figure out what we are going to do?

He has told me early on that he seems himself dating me. He says I have a good heart and want the same things as he does.


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  • Just remember that you have something with potential and it beats the hell out of having no prospects whatsoever. It will be worth the extra time I believe.

    • I hope so! My worst fear is that I get strung along and spend all this time with him and then nothing happens. Plus I'm not even sure if it's okay for me to still go on dates with other guys. I really like this guy, but I'm not his girlfriend. And he hasn't asked to be exclusive yet. Not that I'm going to sleep around. But if he gets to explore his options, why can't I?

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