If a guy gives you mixed signals and asks you out and you like the guy too, will you say yes or be cautious and not say anything?

  • I'd be cautious and not say yes or no, I'd want to monitor it a bit more
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If he asked her out on fb.


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  • If he was giving me mixed signals I'd have to really think about it because I'd be worried he'd play mind games and I don't have patience for that shit.

    • So how can a guy prove he was just nervous and that's why he gave mixed signals?

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    • Then she's not interested.

    • Really? Because signs in person show otherwise. She's always hovering around me, looking at me, getting nervous around me, at the same time avoiding eye contact with me. But then if I back off she'll come to the conversation I'm in and talk to everyone in the conversation but me. She'll also stare at me when I'm not looking at her.

Most Helpful Guy

  • All you can really do is drop simple/obvious clues like smiling when you see him / having a quick spontaneous chat with him.

    Since you are unsure whether you should ask him, just wait for him to ask you after dropping a crap ton clues. Make sure you drop obvious clues!! Goodluck ;D


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  • If i got mixed signals, then i wouldn't be interested in him. I like to know where i stand with a guy, if he is giving me mixed signals then i would just assume he felt indifferent towards me. .

    • What if he's nervous

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    • But would some girls do that?

    • Most girls i know usually avoid guys they aren't interested in. They tend not to encourage them

  • Why give mixed signals in the first place?

    • Nervousness

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    • Oh dear what do I do?

    • Isn't asking for her number through Facebook ask for info, asking her out and telling her she's pretty enough?

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