Shy guy never initiates. Is there a chance he's interested?

I met a cute guy in my gym classes that im slowly getting to know. We have two mutual gym friends. He seems like a shy guy. I tried to befriend him. I added him on facebook and he accepted. At first, he was not responsive to my attempts to make conversation. But now, I think he's warming up to me. He posted on my wall once, and I've messaed him a few times. He always replies and tries to keep the conversation. At the gym, we usually talk whenever we see each other, and he usually stands either next to me or behind me. But, the only time he initiates conversation is when he approaches me after class. But I always say hi to him first before class starts. If I don't, he won't talk to me. I've tried to not talk to him to see if he will approach me before class and say hi, but he ignores me. When I acknowledge him first, he does talk to me. He's always asking me personal questions. Despite the fact that i'm initiating everything, I'd say we are starting to become good friends. We talk while exiting the gym, but it only lasts a few minutes before we part ways because we park in different areas. Recently, I noticed that he has started parking near me. I don't know if that means anything. Before we started talking, I noticed him at the gym on Saturdays, but lately he hasn't been there. He said its because the classes are in the morning and he doesn't like waking up early. I suggested that he should come, since I usually go. To my surprise, he showed up to class. He also suggested that I go to class on thursdays, so i've also started doing that. Im starting to like him, and am wondering if he likes me. Our lack of interaction bothers me. What do I do?


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  • Shyness is born of anxiety and distrust.

    You're making progress and it's paying off slowly. Most girls would NOT be as persistent and objective as you are being. Great stuff.


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