How do I get bae to be bae?

Baiscally, i've been talking to/seeing this guy for over a year now. It was casual for a while but then we developed feelings for eachother. He started showing the signs first, so I decided to take the risk and told him I liked him and he said he liked me too. When it came down to talking about what would happen between us, he said he did want a relationship but he doesn't want a repeat of what happened with his ex (ended badly, especially for him) so would prefer to save the friendship. I understand where he's coming from but I was upset he didn't even want to try, now i'm firendzoned. Got upset and cockblocked myself further by saying 'yeah i see, but dont come to me months later changing your mind hahaha and if it hasn't happened by now, it probably never will. ' (conversation kinda died after that). How can I undo the cockblock and convince him to give 'us' a go? :( or do you think he just never really wanted to be with me in the first place?


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  • I would say that you never meant to say those things and that you was a little upset at the time. See if anything comes from that.

    • yeah I will... I should just leave it a bit so I don't seem desperate/needy though, right?

    • If you're not being desperate or needy then you can say what you're going to say whenever you feel like it's time to..

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