We were wrestling and he kissed me. but I don't know if I was a good kisser

the guy I like came over today and we were just chillin and he got up and he was like lets wrestle and so I got up and weve joked around before and we kid around and I say I can beat him even though he's extremely strong and a varsity wrestler and I stood up and said well bring it and we were wrestling I was losing obviously but it was fun and then he pinned me down for the billionth time and he leant over and blew on my neck then he bit me but it felt good and then he looked into my eyes and kissed me and we were kissing for a while and then I heard my mom so I looked up really fast and then I looked back at him and he was smiling and then we were wrestling again and he kissed me again and then I rolled on top of him and we continued kissing. he doesn't know that that was my first kiss, should I tell him, I don't want to. but anyways he was all over me the rest of the night and I think it went well but I don't know if I was a good kisser., does that matter a lot? I think it was fine because he kept pulling me tighter and tighter to him


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  • I could beat him up!.. *sigh* Jk..

    That sounds like an amazing memory..

    I'm so sure he can't fall asleep cause He's thinking about

    what an amazing kisser you are ;)

    You should tell him..

    when your ready to...

    • Haha:) no I bet I was a bad kisser and he's debating whether or not he is going to continue hanging out with me:(

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  • Rofl!...


    tell him it was your first kiss.

    And you need some more practice ;)..

    But be carefull.. Kissing leads to BABYS!

    hehehe.. sorry.. but still tho..


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  • don't put yourself down, by the sounds of it he can't of thought you were bad as he was all over you for the rest of the night. To me, it sounds like your gonna be kissing him again soon, and practice makes perfect right?

    Sure in time tell him, but not straight away.

    • He just makes me nervous because I really like him and I don't want to screw anything up any ideas on how I can tell him and when?

    • I know the feeling, the guy gives you butterflies.

      i would wait for a conversation about those kind of things to come up and then slip it in, be casual about it. but I don't know if you have conversations like that?

      All I can say is don't make it out to be a big deal, just subtly let him know. I reckon he'll find it cute that his your first kiss.