Should I break up with my boyfriend if I hate his family?

We got together when we were 16 and now we are 20. We just moved in together and I thought it would feel like a dream come true but all of this has been on my mind: my parents were getting a divorce when we first started dating and his family (especially his mom) did a lot of mean and really messed up things to me/us. I also kind of resent him for the way he used to be. He missed out first anniversary, my 18th birthday, and much more bc his mom would intentionally plan trips on special days and he didn't have the balls to tell her no. They would also gang up on me a lot. It's not like that anymore, but she was never nice to me until within the past few months. I just can't seem to let any of this go. I love him but I hate his family. I'm stuck with him until the lease is up but based on what I've told you, what do you think I should do?


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  • You can't change what the heart want. Plus family's can such. If you like him stick with him. Eventually you will be able to tell them off


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