I finally asked out my friend and we are going on a date. I don't have much experience with this stuff, so any advice?

We have been close friends for ever since starting college in August, and I finally got the courage to ask her out when we were eating the other night, and she was totally down to go on a date. So I am taking her out to dinner, maybe coffee after. Any first date advice? I just turned 19 and I have literally no experience in this whole relationship thing, always thought I was too cool for love lol. I am really not romantic either. She's been in relationships and lots of dates. I already know her well so I'm not nervous or anything, I just want to do it right. I really like this girl.


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  • I don't believe that a date have to be over romantic. Just do you and be a gentleman!! That's so important. And if she agreed to go on a date after you have been friends for a while, then you already got it right for the most part. The first date will determine whether you'll be friend zoned or classify as boyfriend material. Compliment her (but don't over do it - 2 compliments is enough), Physical contact is important - this shows interest, but don't touch her the whole time, just like small gestures, like when you sit, let your knees touch slightly, or touch her arm every now and then when you're speaking to her, or when she walks into a place (after you opened the door for her) put your hand at the small of her back, almost as if you're guiding her into the place. Light touches might not seem like much, but believe me if a girl is interested, these touches are like electricity running through their veins.

    • Yeah this is good advice, but this is also the reason why I couldn't ever date a long term friend. Like especially if I asked her on a date. It would be extremely weird to go from friend to touchy. If I were to ever date a friend like that, I would have to be physical first before anything. Just to make it not weird. Otherwise, I wouldn't ever ask her out.

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    • LOL, my bad... got a bit confused there. But anyway, I really hope it does work out great. Only shitty thing about dating a friend - if it doesn't work out, you potentially could destroy a friendship.

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