What do you do when you've been in a relationship for 7 months but haven't kissed?

I'm a very shy person and I'm honestly afraid that after we kiss he's going to leave me (I have this feeling because of past reasons) and it's been bothering me quite a bit.


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  • If you continue to fear something young lady it becomes a fact :)

    I'd say dump the fear and go ahead and do what you must & wish to :)

    Nothing is permanent nor is your fear. Big deal there's a long way you got to go yet :)

    Good luck 💙


What Girls Said 1

  • Both of you must be shy. Have you been dropping hints? Why not just kiss him?

    • Well we had talked about it at some point cuz he tried to kiss me, but it didn't go to well because we are both very awkward and shy. I just make everything difficult haha

    • Try to relax and it will come.

    • okay well thank you then