Why didn't she leave me when I suggested her to date other guys?

I'm dating this girl again and I told her I'm not ready to commit, I even tell her to be open to other guys as I'm unsure of when will I be ready. She didn't leave...

Does she not have self respect?


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  • It looks like you are just bragging how you have her eaten from your palm. This is not a real question.

    You mentioned you are dating her again. Is she your ex? Sounds like you are just stringing her along for your ego stroke.


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  • She has feelings for you and hopes you'll want her. If you are so displeased with someone sharing their feelings and being passionate about someone then don't date.

  • LOL okay so my question is I suppose you told her this so she would end things with you so you didn't have to end things with her?

    If you don't want to see her anymore just tell her.

    • I broke up with her already, but I can't stop dating her

    • Yes you can. Be a big boy and put someone else before yourself. Squash any hope that she has of this ever working out.

      Tell her you just don't like her as much as she likes you and you don't see that ever changing. Your already dating other women so it's not like you need her for sex anymore.

    • She is not putting out, not like I'm getting any. She only sleeps with a guy when she is in relationship wtih him. I just dunno why am I still dating her.

      I told her im not dating other women yet

  • She really likes you and hope that you'll change your mind and you'll end up in a relationship anyway.

    • Right basically you are wasting her time so just tell her how it is so she can move on.

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    • That's a sign that whatever you do want it isn't her.

    • Never said she has a problem, she is stunning but I'm not ready for relationship

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