What do his texts mean?

This is going to be long-

But I met this guy and we flirted with each other. Let's call him Jake. I got his number from a mutual friend and a week later, I texted him. This is what happened-

Me: is this Jake?
Him: Maybe who's asking?
Me: Ashley 😂😂
Him: okkkkkkk and what do u want?
Him (again): okkkkk and what do u want?
Me: I guess wanted I to say hi?
Him: Ok?
Me: I'm glad you're not some sort of creep..
Him: K

Obviously, his texts were rude and icy. I was super hurt by this and stopped liking him immediately.

A couple hours later, he apologized for being a jerk to me. Then we texted for awhile and he said that only acted like that because he doesn't like his number being given out. Which is understandable... I suppose.

Here's a snippet of our conversation-

Him: Sorry if i sounded like a jerk it's just i get super defensive when people i dont know text me cuz ik my friends have given my number to random people so its like who are you what do you want.
Me: Yeah, I understand. I should've for your number instead of my friend for it. But you seemed really cool and I was nervous.. so yeah..
Him: I'm not cool, I'm a dork trust me.
Me: I'm a dork too, so I guess we'll get along well?
Him: lol ok


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  • What do you mean "what do his texts mean"? They mean what they say.

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