How do I get out of the friendzone?

He said he likes me but just wants to be firends because of how his last relationship eneded. But how do I convince him to at least give a relationship a shot?


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  • Fuck him

  • He isn't interested so forget him and find someone else

    • we we're kinda seeing each other and he was the one that first brought up the topic of relationships cause he said he wanted to see how things went, then he just kinda freaked out after a few days and changed his mind. was he just using me?

    • He decided you weren't for him

  • The friendzone is when someone has no interest in you beyond friendship because of how they feel about you.

    If they are holding back for other reasons, that's not, actually, the friendzone.

    So the issue here is we aren't sure if you're in the friendzone and he's trying to spare you the reason why, or if he'd actually date you if he were over the devastating trauma of his past relationship.

    How recently did his last one end? How long have you known him? What happened to him?

    • His last relationship ended a while ago, but he had also been having problems with girls after that (they're usually not interested and his ex kinda used him and moved on to another guy like a week later). I've known him a LONG time (years). We've been flirting and stuff like that for a year but it was never serious. We did eventually admit to liking eachother. He was the one that first brought up the topic of relationships and wanted to see where things went with us, but when it came down to it, he just wanted to be friends.

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