Guys, When a guy rates you 8 on the scale of 1-10 for datable?

What would you define an 8 as? He gave me that after I rated him 7 which made him say that he is "undatable". Why would he think that is undatable? I cleared is out though. Im a harsh rater.



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  • Who cares? Don't date a loser who rates women, let alone be caught up about such idiots.

    • Well he asked me to rate him and I told him I can't. He insisted, then I asked the same out of curiosity. 21 questions. But I believe you're right. I don't feel right about not being his 10 either. Some guys have told me guys rate a girl they like the most as 8 so they don't they are heads over heels for us. Do you think so?

    • if you need a rating system or discussion, use "yes," "no" and "maybe" for whether you find someone dateable. Discussing numbers even in theory is just a horrible way to explain yourself because it's arbitrary and unscientific. The reasoning is what you're looking for...

    • True. Thanks :)

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  • 8 is what I end up rating all my crushes after I see them as the girl I'm most attracted to.

    So its good.

  • I'd give an 11

  • I think if a guy who has a crush on you rates you less than a 9, he's not interested.

    • He's weird about it, sometimes he'll just kid about marrying and having kids and the other times I don't know. I've kind of stopped talking to him because he's being too fickle which is annoying.

  • If this helps
    6 - meh
    7 - alright he can do better
    8 - I would date (he/she cute)
    9 - please date me ("pretty" group)
    10 - Marry me (beautiful group)
    Thats how I see it but of course is subject to interpretation.😊

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