Will I be alone forever?

I'm now heartbroken as the guy I really like seems to be having an affair with the worst enemy of mine. As a result, he hates me too...

Anyway... since the pain is so horrible, I try to find someone that I can date.

I tried dating website but no luck. I'm very shy in person and very quiet personality. I've never had a boyfriend before (but people say my physical appearance is okay and some say I'm attractive). I have no confident when it comes to guys.

Please suggest me what i should do.


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  • Try to speak with men as much as possible. After a certain point you get so used to communicating with guys you'll feel comfortable even to flirt. Heartbreaks heal best when you work through the pain. I recommend going to a gym - get in good shape, deal with breakup and meet fit guys. I'd call that a win. :)

    • Thanks a lot for your helpful answer. I'm going to gym :) The thing is I don't even know where to find guys to talk in person. I'm not partying type and dating website doesn't seem to work much for me too.

    • Dating site suck. There will be plenty of guys in the gym to talk to and learn to relax around them. Who knows, you might end up in the men's locker room :D

    • Haha... the gym I'm going is ladies only :D Thank you anyway :)

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