Romantic dinner for your girlfriend cheesy? Or awesome?

My gf's moms bday falls the weekend of Valentine's Day and she'll be gone for 5 days, so I decided that I'm going to surprise her with a Romantic dinner this Sunday, rose petals all over and wine etc etc, we've been dating for about 4 months now is this cheesy or will
she appreciate it?

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  • it depends on the type of girl she is. have you tried romantic stuff on her before? if she's into romance she will probably love it. if she's not then she'll think it's cheesy.

    • She's hard to read, I gave her roses once when she came back from a trip and she said she really loved them and it was the sweetest thing any guy ever did, but she does strike me as the not too romantic type that's what scared me, but if I'm romantic can't I at least try?

    • yea i think you should. if that's the type of person you are, then you shouldn't not act that way. you want to be sure you two make sense anyway and if one of you is romantic and the other isn't then it's not really gonna work out anyway. i say try it and see what happens. to me it sounds lovely :)

  • Sounds nice I waana burgers thou!

  • Fuck yes!


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