Is he fishing by posting on fb?

My boyfriend is always posting on fb. Yesterday he posted a pic of his bedroom
saying.. Fit for a king. Now I need a queen.
I felt disrespected and haven't talked to him.. He apologized and took the last statement on his posting. He said he only meant about his room decoration. I told him if he means what he told me later that I am his queen then as he is opened about saying something that hurtful he will have no issues saying that he is in a relationship on FB. What would you do?

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  • Give him a second chance if he states he is in a relationship
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What Guys Said 1

  • wow you miss read him soooo bad
    damn women are horrible with men lol
    he wants to fuck you're his girlfriend so go handle your shit


What Girls Said 2

  • So long as he changes his relationship status, is truly sorry and doesn't do anything like this again, then I think you're good.

  • Yeah, that's not a statement that someone in a relationship should be saying. But if he took it down and understands that it wasn't cool, then I'd give him another chance. And he should probably make nirvana known that he's in a relationship.

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