I am wasting my time with him?

So I am still love with my ex and it's has been complicated months with him and I. Today I post on Facebook saying "I know I am single but I know exactly who I want" I do not know why he liked the status because I am not sure if he likes me still or knows I still have feelings for him. So message him on Facebook saying this, and what I said back to him was okay. So I believe but then I saw him active couple of minutes ago and then he was off online again so I don't know if I am wasting my time or not do it sounds like he's still interested or not?I am wasting my time with him?

I was just on Facebook and he keeps getting on and off is he ignoring me to or I am overthinking it?
Advice please 😞


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  • He could still be at his job or busy, which may explain why he's online for brief periods.

    Try to be a bit more patient.


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  • Did he ever get back at you?