Girls, Do women want good, safe, relationships anymore?

I have always wanted to have a relationship, a real relationship with love, trust and understanding. But a lot of women I have been out with have the outward appearance of wanting to go out with me but inside they did not want to, this has happend to me more times then I can count. It troubles me that the only way to win a womans heart is to treat her like shit, I don't want to do that. But my heart burns to love a woman and to have her love me back. Any thoughts ladies? Am I weird?


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  • That is certainly not 'the only way to win a woman's heart' and anyone who thinks it is is doing it wrong. Of course we want good, safe relationships, that's what most people want.

    • What can I do to show a woman that I want to love her and not lust for her? What would you respond too?