Are there any signs you and your crush are likely to end up dating?

I've never been in a relationship, so I'm curious. Are there any signs you have noticed that you and someone else are likely going to end up actually dating?

Separate from all of the "Does he/she like me" type of stuff. Is there any way to tell that someone is likely to become more than just a crush/mild flirting, but BEFORE one person actually asks the other out? Are there any distinct differences between a passing crush and a real relationship BEFORE the "real" relationship actually begins?

Hope that made sense.


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  • I think there should be an expressions of feelings and if one is just you're crush these expressions must be kept quiet. You have to just live sometimes and left everything go because if its meant to be it will be. I never been in a relationship too but I learned that in order to have a "real" relationship you just have to wait for the right one. And even a glance will tell if she or he is it. If its a strong eye contact then all of the rest will come. First it will be a flirting type of talk and then as time goes through it will become more mature and balance out between emotional and straightforward talk. Hopefully that makes sense.

    • Great answer, thanks :)

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  • I think you kinda know when you're hanging out a lot, not just going on casual dates. When he's willing to give up time from his buddies to spend time with you, you know he's definitely in the stage of taking it to the next level. I think there is a sense of being comfortable around each other at that point. I guess another good sign is if he expressing how he really feels about you and isn't wishy washy with it, he knows that he has strong feelings for you and can express them easily. And spending time with your family/friends is a good indicator as well.


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