How do you know if a guy who is always joking and flirting loves you?

this guy (that i love so much ) is always joking and flirting it's in his nature (so do i , we're the same ) and it all started in middle school (now i'm 16 and he's 18) and the last day in middle school he sais he gonna miss me so much and everytime we have eye contact we smiled like idiots to each others and he always wante me to talk about my family and my interest.. so nearly 1 years and 9 months after i saw him and i was a little bit pissed i don't even why. he started joking about how i hate him and all.. few weeks ago we barly talked but i said that i didn't hate him so he hugged me and say "great , cause i will always love you ".


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  • Just ask him xx

    • i don't think i have the courage :(

    • Test the water Mrs just hit out with it we've known each other so long do you think we would ever work as a couple xx