Help, is this guy interested?

This guy is in 4 of my classes (we are in college), we had been texting and snapchatting for a little bit andd we sit next to each other in class. Last weekend i was drunk and my friend texted him off of my phone to hangout. that was the first time we hungout outside of class and we ended up having sex and I slept over. The next morning we woke up at 7 and talked until 10. we haven't discussed what happened and he hasn't asked me to hangout or do anything. We still snapchat, text and talk in class. when i talk to him in person it seems like he's interested and that he is flirting with me... I have no idea where this is going and if it would really even lead anywhere?


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  • Just keep going on dates and hooking up, have fun and smile. Yes he's interested you let him bend you over and smash you.


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