How do I ask him out? Please I don't know what to do and I have never done this before?

Ok soo if you have read my previous questions you will know what's going on, but if not ill tell u now. My best guy friend admitted he liked me and I think he knows I like him back and he's very shy but really smart and tall and sweet but I don't know how to ask him out... help?


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  • Just say something simple like, would you like to go bowling or have dinner with me?


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  • start a convo about movies and mention a film you want to see, and perhaps say 'would you like to go see... with me sometime? It's meant to be really good, I think you'd enjoy it too'

    or just general convo and say 'would you like carry on this conversation over drinks sometime?'

    remember to smile :)

    • Thank you and I do think it's a good answer but im too young to drink lol and I want to talk to him and I'm scared to go on a proper date... but I see where you are coming from and I'm Sur ethat answer will be useful for other people

    • welcomes! the drinks don't have to be alcohol ahaha maybe tea? Fanta? haha

    • Lol true :)