Girls, why do all girls I meet love me just as friend I dont want anymore friends?

every girl I meet or know say they love me and I'm a great freind but it seems finding one who actually likes me in a romantic way just ain't happening for me at the moment. I have been told I have a great personality and I'm extremely funny. I ain't bad looking just look 16 and I'm 21 what's the issue here girlies?


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  • Your probably too funny when you're too funny girls think of you more as a bestie.. They probably can't take you seriously

    • tbh I that's true lol

    • Lol don't worry your time will come and all these girls will be hating on you and your hot wife *three snaps

  • I don't know. It's better to get to know somebody as a friend before you develop feelings for them or know them better as a lover I guess.

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